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1. Stay on topic - will be pruned if not. The topic is all things video game related.

2. Nothing illegal period. Will be deleted, you will be permabanned and filed to the proper authorities

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Obligatory Smash Bros thread.

>Who you want in

>What game is your fave
>3 stock
>No items
>Fox Only
>Final Destination

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Unironically, I want Sora from Kingdom Hearts.

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>Travis Touchdown, please
>Melee 100%
Sm4shbabbies and Ultimate Zoomers are weak

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No vidya board is complete without one of these, so it's time for a good old fashioned Yume Nikki thread! I think it'd be fun to talk about fangames and the sort, too. I revisited Yume Nikki on New Years Eve to wind down the 2010's since YN was particularly special to me and I wanted to end on a sentimental note.

Otherwise, have you seen some of the dope updates 2kki's been getting lately? I absolutely adore 2kki. Several months ago we got a new area in the game which was made by one of the very few western devs the 2kki team has. It's called Blue Cactus Islands and I absolutely can't get enough of it's music.

What about you? Have you been playing any rad fangames lately, or perhaps are you trying Yume Nikki for the first time? If not, I'd highly recommend checking it out; it's free on Steam, and if you don't want to play the Steam version you can find the original one online pretty easily. There's not much of a difference between the two aside from some translation and localization differences for the very few bits of writing in the game, and I think some of the chances of getting various events have been upped, too.

For anyone interested; if we can get some newbies trying the game for the first time and talking about their progress in this thread too, I think that'd be really fun.

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Yo shit, thanks for reminding me. I've been meaning to play. I've seen bits and pieces but I'm a pussy and shit makes me feel unnerved as shit.

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Ahah, no worries. I felt really anxious my first time around, too. I think something important to realize is that Yume Nikki doesn't really have any jumpscares or anything; it has surreal imagery and strange stuff that can show up, but for me and everyone else who has played the game for countless hours, it's honestly more relaxing than anything.

I can spend a good few hours just roaming it and chilling out; once you pick up on what the game is about, there's an undeniable magic there. I think finding that feeling and getting over that uncertainty and anxiety about the game is part of the charm though; a lot of people get super tripped out by their first hour or so, it seems.

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What other MMOs are you playing? Shill your favorite game or what you're currently enjoying.

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Everquest is an old-school MMORPG that has both populated private servers and continuing retail servers.

4chan Thread: http://boards.4channel.org/vr/thread/6132197
Last Thread: >>6101207


How to get p99 running: https://www.project1999.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2651
Starting guide for how the game works and helps with deciding class/race: http://wiki.project1999.com/Players:Newbie
Guides for every aspect of p99: http://wiki.project1999.com/Players:Adventure
Graphical and music restoration: http://p99.yourfirefly.com/
Helpful map for manuevering the world: http://wiki.project1999.com/Zone_Connection_World


Guide for choosing race/class and how the game works: https://www.redguides.com/community/threads/new-returning-players-guide-to-everquest-live.25738/
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