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b470b No.5

Who would like a bottle of nothing?

c1d15 No.6

File: 1567739351900.gif (791.9 KB, 500x281, nothing.gif)

b470b No.7

Woke up in the captain's quarters, on the east side of command, most of the central and west side of command missing entirely (along with half of atmospherics, a chunk of engineering, and possibly the entire west half of the station). Managed to rewire the remains of command to use the AI SMES so I could call the shuttle. Escaped with all 90 units of Nothing that were in storage. Hopefully NT will understand that the loss of an entire space station is worth it to get hold of this pure, distilled Nothingness.

df419 No.8

Today's shift ended when I woke up dead again this morning. I need to start sleeping in a radiation proof hard suit. Growing slime toxin and subsequent testing led to slimes in genetics getting out of the pen when an immovable rod hit. Oh well. The SMES are discharging, the station will probably be dead by singularity when the next shift arrives, if they ever do. I think NT made an administrative error and forgot to assign a crew.

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