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Hey all, since nobody else is starting one and Brain made the site readable, here's a lovely first installment of /spg/ Super-Porn General, a place for you to post superhero related images to help "inspire" character design and ERP potential.

Bonus points if it's porn of one of your characters, looking at you Ram.

Let's start it off with some nice images.

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>this is canonical

224c0 No.65

Right that's it for me until morning at least.

fc198 No.66

That looks painful

224c0 No.67

She would have to speak the truth though, not that she could talk at the moment.

63f81 No.68

yo this thread fckin gay

224c0 No.70

Post gay superhero porn then faggot

1213e No.76

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What are they doing? That's where pee and poop comes from. Gross!

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Spider woman is underrated

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