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90c17 No.32

Luscious, Lovely Leo!

1cdf7 No.33

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>CreamSoda isn't safe even tho it's vetted!!! Coxg is the wild west!!!

80c06 No.94

Imagine ever having anything positive to say in any way about Leo the Cuck

911f1 No.149

File: 1574299321671.jpg (164.9 KB, 491x750, 1543204244009.jpg)

Leo and the entire bunch are literally spooks. They used this game to conduct clandestine operations just like the dude from GoonSquad that got kill't during Benghazi did using EvE.

They're upset the secret is out. Read the fucking lines, people. h8chan got shut down very shortly after this game got linked with it. Sure, some people did some things in Christchurch and totally didn't post about it on instagram first but those hateful autists didn't know any better and definitely didn't discourage people from trying to become saint torrent version 2.0 electric boogaloo.

What's more, is the population tapped from 8 and 4 gave rise to the superior coding and above-par quality of life changes incorporated into the game. They're just mad we're actually playing the game and not using it for fucked behavior and doing it better than they ever could.

All we wanted to do is play vidya.

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