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This is the official board for all things city of heroes related and related to our Server, thunderspygaming.

Please follow the rules below to avoid any pruning or banning

1. No spamming - thread pruned, IP banned for up to a month.

2. No illegal or illicit images - IP banned up to permanently depending on the imagery/embedding.

3. MUST BE ON TOPIC - Threads will be pruned and you may be banned depending on your off-topic posting intent.

4. All City of Hero communities are welcomed - we do not mind discussion of CoX of other servers but this is a image board for our server.

5. Flamewars - threads will be pruned if flamewars get out of hand.

6. Abide by US laws while posting here

7. Do not share your personal information with ANYONE especially STAFF

8. Ban evasion - instant 3 month ban

I'm glad to announce our official board today! I hope you enjoy it here

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