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This thread will be where events are announced and where they can be elaborated on in detail outside of the Discord. Feel free to recommend future event ideas in this thread as well.

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We will be having a thematic Architect Entertainment contest ongoing starting from today, Monday (01/27/20) lasting until Midnight next Monday (02/03/20); the theme of of this contest is "Heroes in Sports" in honor of the late Kobe Bryant. While some heroes of legend inspire the hearts of their fans on the courts or in the fields, others carry on to inspire us beyond a lifetime immemorial. Show us just what kind of hero your favorite sports star can be by making an AE mission starring them and claim a sports-related title with the top-most played AE mission earning a custom title of their choosing! Come on and slam, and welcome to the jam. It's time to play ball with Paragon's best.

Additionally, starting at 9:00 PM EST on Friday (01/31/20), there will be casual Radio missions Redside - all levels are welcome and new characters encouraged! We'll start from getting to the Atlas Bank and cruise upward to the highest possible available missions in hopes to get folks their accolade.

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Someone make Shut Up and Jam Gaiden

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It's February turn on the Valentine's Day event you niggers.

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As some of you know, we've started our Valentine's Day event this weekend! We had a great turnout to boot, and we're looking forward to seeing you all show up next weekend for more holiday antics. As having officially launched, we will continue these celebrations onto February 27th, 2020 (at the earliest) and hope to have our first coordinated get-together for this event February 7th at 9:00 PM EST! During this time, players on Blueside and Reside alike will be encouraged to group with one another to accomplish the goals of various missions provided by Ganymede and Scratch (and DJ Zero too) in Pocket D. Invitations for groups will tentatively go out around this time and, should multiple groups be present, it may come onto you to invite players into your group. Thankfully, the game is as simple as that – you can find your friends, talk to your contact of choice and be on your way to reaping the rewards! Such rewards include cosmetics like the Toga, badges like "Partygoer" and unique temporary powers like Nectar.
Below is a link containing further information about the event and what to expect in terms of rewards:


The deed is done.

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In an effort to promote user-created content, one non-farm oriented AE Mission will be featured every weekend as either a Developer's Choice or Hall of Fame honors mission; missions of either category can yield standard rewards and experience like any regular mission in the game and additionally award the player a unique AE-related badge upon completion. Ideally, we hope to see more creative involvement with Architect Entertainment in the hopes of providing possible future in-depth and worthwhile events with equally worthwhile rewards.

With the exception of this first promotion, most "AE Mission Spotlight" weekend events will begin on Fridays and end tentatively Sunday nights. On Februrary 8th at 9:00 PM EST in the Rikti War Zone, we invite anyone interested in participating in the featured mission, with a followup for earning various AE badges (such as the elusive "Among Friends" badge).

Below is a link containing badge information pertaining to Architect Entertainment:

This weekend's "AE Mission Spotlight" goes to @schween's "Our Friend from the Quarry", with the protagonist investigating the misadventure of a wayward mafioso in need of retrieval after a deep embroilment with a most interesting community.

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Today of 02/14/20 marks Valentine's Day Single's Awareness Day here on Thunderspy! For those of you who find yourselves enjoying a good session of City of Heroes on this particular day, there's still a treat for you - visit your local Events Organizer in-game for the chocolatey-confection sweetness of a 24-Hour custom title and one-million influence! Consider this our way of showing you that we love you. Thank you for being here with us, considering we wouldn't have a server in the first place if it weren't for (You).

If you'd like to share the love with your fellow player or show them just how you really feel, come to Pocket D tonight at 9:00 PM EST and meet some of us in the Arena! In the game of love, there are no winners and there are no losers. The table's set and dinner is ready, because you're about to EAT SHIT!

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This weekend's "AE Mission Spotlgiht" goes to Arde's "Movie Night with Arde: Super Italio Bros.", where you play through a creative parallel of the classic live-action movie - fight the Family, then explore Dinohattan and overthrow King Koopa's nefarious plot!

On Februrary 15th at 9:00 PM EST in the Rikti War Zone, a group will be available to participate in running this player-made mission, as this one will provide the Hall of Fame corresponding badge (as opposed to last week's Developer's Choice badge). Note that this time is somewhat tentative to allow members to congregate and make up for potential disconnects. We had an awesome turnout last weekend, and we hope to see you there again this weekend!

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