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fba32 No.129

I just joined and looked for holy light and other "NEW" powersets and see only the same ones as homecoming server has nothing new at all.

e7ab0 No.130

You have to use our manifest and delete your old coxg folder. Our patchwork is listed under a new file

If you scroll up to our sticky posts, I wrote an extensive guide on how to properly download/update your manifest listing.

Manifest: http://www.thunderspygaming.net/styles/freedom/manifest.xml

fba32 No.134

yup did that and still nothing not sure why I need to delete Coxg folder as I JUST downloaded the game but tried that, changed the manifest to new one and same thing no new powers.

fba32 No.135

File: 1569764487002.jpg (140.67 KB, 787x544, soda.jpg)

dbb96 No.136

Odd. Everyone else is working fine at this time. Holy Light is under defender AT.

fba32 No.137

Got it all working fine now thanks

b5d74 No.138

no problem! what did u do to get it to work?

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