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14fb6 No.126

why do I keep getting a virus warning about the website when using the launcher to update?

7c907 No.127

What does it say? Paste/post a screen?

f2897 No.128

File: 1569735198543.png (58.53 KB, 607x419, virus.png)

It says site blocked due to trojan brute.coh.network

0a1ce No.131

Odd. Nobody else seems to have this issue. There is a different version of CreamSoda posted by another server group but the one listed above in our sticky posts is the original opensource version. It should work fine. It's not a trojan

f2897 No.133

I got it from you guys here

7c907 No.139

It's not detecting a virus or trojan on the site, but malwarebytes has the domain in its protection blacklist. Checking around, so does mcafee apparently, so there may be others(though google safebrowse says its clear.)
This is probably either the result of the fucked version going around and being associated with the site, or some fucker's been reporting it. Would likely have to be taken up with the companies directly.
You should be able to disable the blacklist if you want to, though it's understandable if you don't wanna take the chance. Hop on search and run the site through as many URL scanners as you feel like, and you can make a more "informed" choice about that.

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