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I'm a modeler in the /coxg/ development team. I was asked to give you guys a sneak peak at what I've been tinkering with in terms of new costume parts; the current theme is insectoid. Still early in the modeling, and I have to wait till the Blender exporter comes out to be able to test things, so there is no current ETA to when these will be released. In the meantime I'd be happy to accept feedback and suggestions for parts that fit the theme.

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Nice. When finished, combine with mecha or robot parts for best results.
Those antenna are fucking perfect for DBZfags too.
It's kinda hard to tell exactly how far the mandibles stick out from the screen, but is it possible to maybe get two sizes of that - one for the little chewy bug normal, and the other longer set for full on stag? Or is that about as far as it can go without looking awkward as fuck?

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First image is the sillo of what we got right now, next two are what it could look like with a much bigger set of mandible which is what I think is what you were asking for. I think with a bit more care I could get them to work. Even if it looks a bit goofy I'm sure someone out there would want them.

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Yeah, that's what I was thinking of. It does look a little goofy, but you're right, not so much so that it wouldn't have a niche for someone.
Thanks. Keep up god's work, anon.

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