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1. download Sweet tea http://files.thunderspygaming.net/sweet-tea/

2. Go to Options and add the following to the manifest list

3. https://qa.thunderspygaming.net/

4. Re-Validate files (Note: if Coxg QA crashes when loading you must delete your coxg folder and revalidate again)

5. Launch the game under coxg QA

6. Have fun testing!

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Our server is run off as a non-profit and completely funded by the community itself. We also hold annual Charity events for various different organizations by using city of heroes to raise awareness and funds to help others in need.

Our total costs per month are $420.00 USD

all Donations go to Server upkeep and future installments for our community based on what you, the players, want.

We have a Patreon

We also have a PayPal Donation Link

Thank you everyone for making this possible. Without you all, thunderspygaming could never exist. We appreciate everything you all do and I promise to continue to strive to give you everything you all want as humanly possible.

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how to update your client

Download Sweet tea http://files.thunderspygaming.net/sweet-tea/

1. Open Sweet tea

2. Highlight Coxg

3. Press Validate

4. once it finishes validating press Launch and Enjoy!


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This is the official board for all things city of heroes related and related to our Server, thunderspygaming.

Please follow the rules below to avoid any pruning or banning

1. No spamming - thread pruned, IP banned for up to a month.

2. No illegal or illicit images - IP banned up to permanently depending on the imagery/embedding.

3. MUST BE ON TOPIC - Threads will be pruned and you may be banned depending on your off-topic posting intent.

4. All City of Hero communities are welcomed - we do not mind discussion of CoX of other servers but this is a image board for our server.

5. Flamewars - threads will be pruned if flamewars get out of hand.

6. Abide by US laws while posting here
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is this server dead?

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Luscious, Lovely Leo!

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File: 1567563845384.jpg (63.46 KB, 918x1218, bobby-burnell2.jpg)

>CreamSoda isn't safe even tho it's vetted!!! Coxg is the wild west!!!

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Imagine ever having anything positive to say in any way about Leo the Cuck

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File: 1574299321671.jpg (164.9 KB, 491x750, 1543204244009.jpg)

Leo and the entire bunch are literally spooks. They used this game to conduct clandestine operations just like the dude from GoonSquad that got kill't during Benghazi did using EvE.

They're upset the secret is out. Read the fucking lines, people. h8chan got shut down very shortly after this game got linked with it. Sure, some people did some things in Christchurch and totally didn't post about it on instagram first but those hateful autists didn't know any better and definitely didn't discourage people from trying to become saint torrent version 2.0 electric boogaloo.

What's more, is the population tapped from 8 and 4 gave rise to the superior coding and above-par quality of life changes incorporated into the game. They're just mad we're actually playing the game and not using it for fucked behavior and doing it better than they ever could.

All we wanted to do is play vidya.

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Hello everyone. So I was thinking and if we REALLY want this board to be successful and a good thing for the entire CoH community, we need more content. Preferably with quality and unique to these forums.

In addition, as I travel and try to talk up coxg, I find I'm met with fear fairly often. Fear of 4chan with a bit of fear of the unknown mixed in. Some folks even seem to go out of their way to SPREAD fear, mostly in an attempt to control others.

I first encountered this soon after I created a Pride global channel on coxg. Now it's important to CLEARLY note that no one from coxg has reacted, in ANY way, to the Pride channel being a thing on the server. No the fear reaction came instead from the CoH Pride facebook group. Some were aghast that anyone in the group could enjoy 4chan. (Many in the group in fact do, but I was the one to stand out and admit it) Some said they had felt attacked by "those people" at some point in the past with no examples or any linking to 4chan cited. One blu hair was like "FUCK 4CHAN AND EVERYONE THAT GOES THERE!!" (Have to paraphrase because this person is in the habit of severely editing their posts after their target has seen it. Gaslighting 101 stuff.)

I was taken aback as I felt I was "out" as an anon for years there and had no expectation of being attacked. Had I been better prepared mentally I might have asked "Well if you think they're such bad people, WHY, for the love of god, WHY WOULDN'T you want a Pride channel there? Isn't that the place you're saying it's NEEDED?"
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Had another thought that I'll admit right up front was sparked by my annoyance with Pride mods. Seems that at the end of June, which is Pride month, the Pride channel decided to hold a costume contest on HC with a 100M inf top prize and invite players from other servers to join in. Now on the surface there was nothing wrong with this basic idea. There were some odd ideas along with it that required participants to arrive 2 hours before the contest, but I doubt folks got far enough into the idea to be deterred by that. No the biggest problem was that if you are playing on another server, there's a good chance you DON'T want to be on HC specifically. I softballed my explanation to them by telling the Pride channel that many folks didn't like what HC's leadership was doing while giving NO details. Privately I thought there wasn't anything that would get me to waste 2 precious hours before a CC for a prize that had little use or meaning. (Most of my HC toons are millionaires by like, lvl 4.) At any rate the day came and went and I've heard nothing about it since. Kind of assume it… didn't meet expectations.

So with THAT explained and somewhat analyzed, here's what *I'm* thinking. Show them how it's actually done.:)

e5f00 No.122

Now this is all just an idea at this point with nothing finalized. That said comment is welcome.

Basic premise of a CC is simple enough. My normal twist is to recruit a panel of judges in the interest of fairness. It would have to be in Pocket D for co-op ease of access. (This is where we lose a point. HC had theirs in Khallisti Wharf) The timing would be during the charity streaming event at some point where we won't overlap other events. Prizes would simply be doubled. (Why complicate it?) And the EXTRA appeal would be our asymmetrical improvements. And I suppose as time filler during judging we could have folks explain upcoming improvements like base raiding and MM improvements and why HC just won't be able to do that.

e5f00 No.125

Alright so you've decided to take the plunge! Maybe you even brought a buddy for comfort? GREAT! Here's a simple truth. EVERYONE is welcome on coxg! You have to make a REAL effort to be treated otherwise, But make even the most casual effort to talk to folks and I've yet to see an issue. Which brings us to a great tip…

TALK to people PLEASE! We have a SMALL population and you can play for hours without seeing another player! A lot of this is because CoH is heavily instanced by design. But if you use the LFG channel to get a team, or HELP for any other chatter, chances are pretty good you'll get a response. If you're interested in specific content like iTrials, ask about the schedule of events.

Another thing to be aware of particular to coxg is there's a high percentage of players playing villains (Redside). Now I'm not claiming to speak for any other players, but I've always enjoyed redside more. The Devs had a year of feedback from folks actually playing blueside to see how they could improve things and it shows. Folks play blueside too, just not as overwhelmingly as they did on live.

So there you have 2 great tips to help you enjoy playing on coxg. Hope you enjoy yourselves!

e5f00 No.140

So tonight was a red-letter day! We got 2 players new to our server while I was on tonight! 1 of which I brought directly from HC! Eventually 2 new folks joining will be commonplace, but for now, it's special. (Also account for late night time of play. During the day it's likely more common.)

Process itself was simple. Visit HC and talk to my friends on the Pride global channel. With the cool stuff provided by our devs and some sales training I have, closing the deal was pretty straightforward. Did have an obstacle though. There was someone playing fearmonger about coxg. I held him off while I closed the deal and then turned the tables on him politely and civilly. (Rather fed up with sitting and taking this tripe. And like many anons I have sharpened debating skills constantly on the chans.) He asked if someone saying [insert homophobic thing I'm not repeating here] would get someone banned on coxg. Made him repeat it because I honestly wasn't familiar with the term and then later asked "Hey you used that term earlier. Should YOU be banned for that?" I didn't goad him into saying ANYthing. Was all his choice. I just didn't let him control the situation after.

Reminds me of something I heard about hate once. Hate will twist you. Hate will trick and blind you. Hate will make you into the thing you despise if you aren't careful. It just isn't worth it.

Alright, sermon's over! Just enjoy playing huh?

e5f00 No.148

Alright, so it's been about 6 weeks since my last post. Rather longer than originally intended. And relatively free of major aggravations. Power balance passes continue to be made with progress currently ongoing with VEATs and MMs.

Meanwhile HC continues to be HC. Their last donation drive asked for OVER $9000. Which is just about enough to fund coxg for 2 years. (Alright, closer to 20 months.) Reasons given included secret lawyers and rewriting the EULA they just copy-pasted from elsewhere on their quest to become a totes legit server.

But we know their true goals. Ciphers history with Earth Above and Beyond lays it out pretty clearly. They want to be the only server for CoH so they can charge players.

Which means all of the other servers need to die before this can actually happen. But we just won't go away! And worse, we keep putting out content faster than HC ever could.

Poor poor HC. HOW will they keep justifying outrageous donation targets to their dwindling playerbase?

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mandantory nude patch server when?

File: 1567632154971.png (226.04 KB, 600x617, 1565024166999.png)

1c9aa No.81[Reply]

>ywn be so in over your head in a fucking dead city of heroes server you try to make a shitty SS13 server and then a fucking image board
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File: 1567782630687.png (825.66 KB, 967x588, DOOMY THEEK.png)

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File: 1568071846933.png (121.71 KB, 480x480, 5a0d054629337e7c9c201b9ee9….png)

FUCK i wish we had a minecraft server

8364c No.111

What mods for the Minecraft server?

521f2 No.124

File: 1569349694751.jpg (98.99 KB, 1017x758, 8c553360d0b9134eab796283eb….jpg)

>mfw he will never host comp_hack's SMT IMAGINE because server is already busy with CoX and now SS13 as well, with potential MC coming into fray.
On one hand, I wish I could play CoX properly but fuck timezones.
On another hand, I like asymmetrical gloves. It's good to play again, even though I purged my characters and made a fresh one, because having too many ruins everything for me.

3a443 No.146

But you could play as a SMT summoner in CoX once we get pet customization going (and you choose a Demon MM).

File: 1567640681995.jpg (44.71 KB, 564x1047, 7d6c9f95d78e66173345a896be….jpg)

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Post costume parts that you want to see in this thread. Requests should have at least an image attached to it for reference. Costume requests should also be fairly general in appearance; the best costume pieces are the ones that can be utilized in multiple different hero themes.
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File: 1567656599668.jpg (77.67 KB, 609x385, Impression_of_warcraft_mov….jpg)

Proper plate-mail like in pic related.

All the stuff in the game is kind of meh except Black Knight, and even that is a bit over the top.

93914 No.91

File: 1567737655797.jpg (45.93 KB, 400x418, asss.jpg)

Anyone from UNIST would make for a cool hero or villain!

b8272 No.142

File: 1569869326048.jpg (56.15 KB, 960x960, 2.jpg)

blaster/arm cannon, given that we have asymmetry

1ef3b No.144

File: 1570488061032.png (434.3 KB, 699x904, Capture.PNG)

fb121 No.145

File: 1573075136978.jpg (659.72 KB, 881x1292, 1551788606616.jpg)

This a 100 times.

The buster is a bit too sleek compared to the other costume pieces available in-game. Might need a whole costume set, at least the boots/helmet.

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