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CoH and /coxg/ Archival

The other day, a handful of us were talking about what it was like when everything first kicked off the ground on 4chan back in May-April of last year and how electric the atmosphere was. It made me come to realize that there's yet to be a proper retelling of how we've all gotten to where we are in any real detail. Many of us were there when it started and, having the luxury of being on 4chan and 8chan, we were there when the rumblings began.

Post your earliest screenshots or thread caps if you've got them. Talk about some of your earliest memories with /coxg/ or the other servers or the experience overall. Some of us may try to make a video, if not a document, chronicling the entirety of events so that anyone who is ever curious can see in pristine detail everything that has lead us up to this point. We need to do this, least the worst of it becomes memoryholed.
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Costume Request Thread

Post costume parts that you want to see in this thread. Requests should have at least an image attached to it for reference. Costume requests should also be fairly general in appearance; the best costume pieces are the ones that can be utilized in multiple different hero themes.
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Sup fags, who /CocksGee/ here?
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Yall have Guardians yet?

Do ya?
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dedicated cluster for ERP

mandantory nude patch server when?
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is this server dead?
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Luscious, Lovely Leo!
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What it's like to play on coxg.

Hello everyone. So I was thinking and if we REALLY want this board to be successful and a good thing for the entire CoH community, we need more content. Preferably with quality and unique to these forums.

In addition, as I travel and try to talk up coxg, I find I'm met with fear fairly often. Fear of 4chan with a bit of fear of the unknown mixed in. Some folks even seem to go out of their way to SPREAD fear, mostly in an attempt to control others.

I first encountered this soon after I created a Pride global channel on coxg. Now it's important to CLEARLY note that no one from coxg has reacted, in ANY way, to the Pride channel being a thing on the server. No the fear reaction came instead from the CoH Pride facebook group. Some were aghast that anyone in the group could enjoy 4chan. (Many in the group in fact do, but I was the one to stand out and admit it) Some said they had felt attacked by "those people" at some point in the past with no examples or any linking to 4chan cited. One blu hair was like "FUCK 4CHAN AND EVERYONE THAT GOES THERE!!" (Have to paraphrase because this person is in the habit of severely editing their posts after their target has seen it. Gaslighting 101 stuff.)

I was taken aback as I felt I was "out" as an anon for years there and had no expectation of being attacked. Had I been better prepared mentally I might have asked "Well if you think they're such bad people, WHY, for the love of god, WHY WOULDN'T you want a Pride channel there? Isn't that the place you're saying it's NEEDED?"
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>ywn be so in over your head in a fucking dead city of heroes server you try to make a shitty SS13 server and then a fucking image board
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dolphin thread
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Virus warning

why do I keep getting a virus warning about the website when using the launcher to update?
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Holy light missing

I just joined and looked for holy light and other "NEW" powersets and see only the same ones as homecoming server has nothing new at all.
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1. download Sweet tea

2. Go to Options and add the following to the manifest list


4. Re-Validate files (Note: if Coxg QA crashes when loading you must delete your coxg folder and revalidate again)

5. Launch the game under coxg QA

6. Have fun testing!
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always says fetching manifest after I add manifest never does anything
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In the Works

I'm a modeler in the /coxg/ development team. I was asked to give you guys a sneak peak at what I've been tinkering with in terms of new costume parts; the current theme is insectoid. Still early in the modeling, and I have to wait till the Blender exporter comes out to be able to test things, so there is no current ETA to when these will be released. In the meantime I'd be happy to accept feedback and suggestions for parts that fit the theme.
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So your freind makes an RP character sub who wants to be your Elf Slave, wat do?
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Vehicle Travel Powers

What are "vehicle travel powers?"
The main idea was for these to be customizable based on your travel power, for instance, Flight may have a surfboard, super speed may have a Punisher Van or Terminator Motorcycle. Some may not be activated inside if they're too big, like the van inside a cave.

I figured I'd go ahead and start us off:

Magic Carpets
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Friday Night Gamer Grub General

post your hardcore gamer fuel or forever be a scrub
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Hey all, since nobody else is starting one and Brain made the site readable, here's a lovely first installment of /spg/ Super-Porn General, a place for you to post superhero related images to help "inspire" character design and ERP potential.

Bonus points if it's porn of one of your characters, looking at you Ram.

Let's start it off with some nice images.
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brain is gay

brain is gay
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Nice digs. Now I got some fucking questions about it.
"for everyone" - this include homebones, or is it more of a "everyone except the argies" thing?
Bots are inevitably finding this shit. Jannies ain't enough to clean them up when they get rolling. Are there other means in place to deal with that, or are we gonna see a takeover like the old forums and pre-captcha 4chan?
Can we get COXG announcements and patch notes mirrored here so we don't have to fuck with the discord or troll reddit?
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Ohhhhhhhhh Tempie!!!
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hehe. nice.
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Umbrella post
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hey gamboys wats up everyone
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I do have 44 lv50 masterminds in my /coxg/ account, how could you tell?
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Our server is run off as a non-profit and completely funded by the community itself. We also hold annual Charity events for various different organizations by using city of heroes to raise awareness and funds to help others in need.

Our total costs per month are $420.00 USD

all Donations go to Server upkeep and future installments for our community based on what you, the players, want.

We have a Patreon

We also have a PayPal Donation Link

Thank you everyone for making this possible. Without you all, thunderspygaming could never exist. We appreciate everything you all do and I promise to continue to strive to give you everything you all want as humanly possible.
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how to update your client

Download Sweet tea

1. Open Sweet tea

2. Highlight Coxg

3. Press Validate

4. once it finishes validating press Launch and Enjoy!

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This is the official board for all things city of heroes related and related to our Server, thunderspygaming.

Please follow the rules below to avoid any pruning or banning

1. No spamming - thread pruned, IP banned for up to a month.

2. No illegal or illicit images - IP banned up to permanently depending on the imagery/embedding.

3. MUST BE ON TOPIC - Threads will be pruned and you may be banned depending on your off-topic posting intent.

4. All City of Hero communities are welcomed - we do not mind discussion of CoX of other servers but this is a image board for our server.

5. Flamewars - threads will be pruned if flamewars get out of hand.

6. Abide by US laws while posting here

7. Do not share your personal information with ANYONE especially STAFF

8. Ban evasion - instant 3 month ban

I'm glad to announce our official board today! I hope you enjoy it here