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"Give me Dolphin mastermind Brain!" - Trl 2019

Sweet Tea is now out! please use it! — by drbrain at 10/06/19 (Sun) 15:26:48

Our new Launcher, Sweet tea is out now and we highly recommend you use this for your CoX experience as it is more secure and safe then Tequila/Creamsoda. Thank you!


Coxg Patch no. 4 MASTERMINDS!!! — by drbrain at 09/29/19 (Sun) 11:14:24

We have been testing out our changes to Mastermind in order to balance some of the lesser powerpools(mercs come to mind). These are all still available on our QA test server for public use.

Mercenaries Update

+ New Costume based on Spec Ops design.
+ 1 extra Soldier, due to medic being moved to own power.
- Removed Brawl
+ Gave Burst a 15-Arc Cone
+ Frag Grenade for early level group control
+ Increased Resistances to soldier by ~12% & added Recovery + Health Regen

+ New costume
+ Medic is now summoned separately from Soldiers. (A third Soldier takes his place in Soldiers.
- Removed Brawl
+ Medic has two heals, a single target heal and AoE heal, both on 10 sec cooldown.
+ Stimulant is now an AoE and places a Heal DoT on friendlies
+ Final Upgrade is Field Medic skill.
- Medic has NO ATTACKS

*Spec Ops:*
+ Web Grenade is now an AOE attack, 20 yds
- Removed Brawl
+ Replaced Rifle Butt for BeanBag Mag 2.5 Stun
+ Increased Snipe's Damage by 1.2%
+ Replaced Stealth with Targeting Drone as it really didn't help and snipe needed the Accuracy Buff
+ Increased Resistances to soldier by ~12% & added Recovery + Health Regen

+ Increased Resistances to soldier by ~12% & added Recovery + Health Regen
+ Reduced Cooldown of Rocket Launcher to match Assault Bot Rockets
+ Reduced the frequency of Knockback/changed to Knockdown
+ Summon 2 Soldiers, they last 120 seconds and cooldown is 200 seconds.
- Removed Brawl

*Equip Mercenary:*
+ Passive Power, Once bought, every 5 seconds it Pulses to upgrade any new or re-summoned pets

*Tactical Upgrade:*
+ Passive Power, Once bought, every 5 seconds it Pulses to upgrade any new or re-summoned pets

+ Increased range & turned into an AOE for pets
+ Duration set to 60 seconds
- Endurance cost raised to 25
+ Recharge time reduced to 100 seconds
+ Crash reduced to 50% of cur%pet powerpool
- Bonuses from Serum reduced ~3.7%


+Now Aoe, Heals only the caster. (might change in the future)

Zombie Horde:
+Zombies have slithly better resistances and regeneration like Merc pets.
+Replaced Zombie Brawl attacks with Lethal/Smash and a chance for Toxic Dmg
+Replace Vomit with another Zombie Brawl with a chance for Knockdown and Lethal

Enchant Undead:
+Auto Passive, pulsing every 10seconds to rebuff any missed or newly created pets.

Grave Knight:
+Increased defences slightly and added Lethal/Fire/Smash defense bonus
+Whirling Blade for AOE attack
-Removed Darkblast
+Added AoE Taunt with Riptide effect, allowing the Graveknight to pull Aggro and maintain Taunt
+Movetome in riptide has only a 0.5% chance to move anything higher than a Boss
+Tier 2 Upgrade gives Invulnerabillity allowing the Grave Knights a higher chance of surviving large groups that were taunted.

Soul Extraction:
+Toggle power, with minimal Drain (might change)
+Fires off every 10 seconds with an AoE than Summons a Zombie per dead foe nearby, no more targeting required, There is no upper limit to how many you can have, but they only last ~25 seconds
This will drive you to push through tasks fast to keep your zombie horde up and running, while also maintaining your 3 zombies and 2 grave knights.

-Removed Lifedrain
+Added Twilight Grasp in it's place
+Lich can Summon Ghost minion to serve him for 170 seconds, with a 200 second cooldown
+Possess, migrated from the Darkness Controll Tree
+Petryfying Gaze is now a small AoE
+Tenebrous Tentacles Radius and Cone increased to 60/45 respectively

Empowered Undead:
+Auto Passive, pulsing every 10seconds to rebuff any missed or newly created pets.

– Powers

Trick Arrow - Now fanfic trick arrow

Slight decrease in recharge times

Flash Arrow has an additional high magnitude -tohit debuff on a single target with very short duration.

Single Targets Entangle, Ice, Acid Arrow has enchanced and additional effects if target is immobilized or held.

Glue Arrow now has a chance to immobilize targets walking on it

Poison Gas Arrow has a chance to placate those standing in it.

Distruptor Arrow now also provides a tohit debuff

EMP no longer causes a player end crash

– Features

Globally, all level restrictions of missions and storyarcs have been removed. You are no longer barred from any avalible missions for leveling up.

May allow you to get newspaper/radio missions outside of your intended level. Mayhem / Safeguard , tips inclusive

Also being a level 50 praetorian

KNOWN ISSUES: some villain groups and NPCs (notably low level encounters like hellions) do not have spawns up to level 50, and will only spawn up to their maximum avalible levels. Please report these so we may aggregate affected villain groups to enable spawn all the way up to level 50 for them.

All Task/Strike Forces now only require 3 players minimum to start. No more waiting for full groups. Spawns should match your group size, but your ability to finish TF's with a small group is not guaranteed

– Bug Fixes

Dr. Otis storyarc turret computer should now spawn correctly

A Possible Summer Blockbuster Door fix.


TPN iTrial length reduced.

Minimal FX option for ice armor ability.

Coxg patch no. 3 — by drbrain at 09/03/19 (Tue) 23:44:41

New Powersets!

Holy Light is a new blast powerset exclusive to defenders, each attack has a dual purpose. targetting foes deals damage, targetting friends heals them. AoEs work on both. the attacks also do bonus damage to Ghosts, undead, and demons. (theres currently an issue with its advanced power info that doesnt list its "blast" damage, there was nothing i could do about this)

Wind control has been finished and is now avaialble for Controllers and Dominators, wind control has a pressure mechanic which builds by using powers and is spent on other powers for various improved effects


All the new controller attacks have had proper descriptions filled in, and are using new icons to better show what they do.

Changed Icons and descriptions for other powers that have been rebalanced or changed such as Pandemonium, Thorn eruption, and Gravity Field.

Due to animation issues Psi-Whip Coil had to be reblanced to a 3.3s cast time, it now does a mag 4 hold, spawns an additional sword and has increased damage to compenstate

Reduced the Psionic damage buff of Manifest from 30s to 20s

Increased the recharge of Pandemonium and thorn eruption from 120s to 150s

Added universal damage sets to all applicable Dominator Illusion control and Telekinetic Assault powers

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